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and happiness

say ”i do” under the midnight sun

We are hosting weddings every summer, and the ceremony takes place on our beautiful yard by the sea. You are welcome to celebrate with family and friends in our stunning location by the Bergs Fjord at Senja Island.

The dinner is perhaps the most important part of the party

We offer a four-course menu with local produce. Our region has wonderful produce during the wedding season. We are flexible and adapt the menu to your wishes.

You are free to decorate indoor and outdoor areas

The day is yours and you are free to decorate the food studio and outdoor areas exactly as you wish. We have large outdoor areas where you can arrange for various events.

A wedding here normally last for
3 days

Your wedding at Senja Food Studio should be a romantic weekend with friends, family, fun and joy. If the wedding party takes place at a saturday, the bride and groom with families arrive at thursday or friday to prepare everything. At friday evening we are happy to facilitate a preparty in our studio by the sea, bonfire, simple food, beer, wine and lots of fun!

Weddings in norway
has many traditions.
One is that family
brings cakes

Can there be too much cake? According to the scale of cakes that arrive on the wedding day it doesn´t seem like that. This is a pleasant Norwegian tradition, and left over cakes from the wedding party tastes even better at lunch the day after.

You are free to bring your own cakes for coffee party at Senja Food Studio.

Try out our rhubarb cake recipe below.

Rhubarb cake
with whipped

300 grams butter
250 grams sugar
3 eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
250 grams wheat flour
200 grams rhubarb

Whipped cream
3 dl cream
50 grams sugar

Soften the butter and place it in a deep bowl along with the sugar. Whisk in a food processor on slow speed, then increase the speed to get a white, light and fluffy mixture.
Add eggs one at a time while the machine is still running.
Mix together the dry ingredients for the cake and sift this into the food processor. Mix well.
Cut the rhubarb into fine cubes and mix this by hand into the dough. Put the dough in a round, greased cake tin and bake the cake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees celcius for about 45 minutes.
Cool the cake in the tin a bit while you whip the cream. Loosen the cake with a knife and serve the cake warm with whipped cream.

Say ”I DO”
at Senja Food Studio

The wedding ceremony

We provide you with all the contacts for priests or officiants so that you can have the wedding ceremony with us. After the wedding ceremony, we serve champagne, non-alcoholic drinks, small appetizers and fruit while the bride and groom carry out a photoshoot.

Pizza from our wood fired pizza is perfect for the preparty

Crunchy pizza from our wood fired oven is comfort party food. And we leave the cooking process for you and your guests. We will prepare ingredients and dough for the pizza baking. Happy cooking!

Explore the Bergs Fjord while you are in senja

The Bergs Fjord is a stunning location for relaxing, diving, kayaking and sun bathing on the many beautiful beaches.
Our Food Studio is located at the shore by the Fjord, and you are just a few minutes away from this beautiful scenery.

The history of the farm

Our idea was to build a farm similar to the old fisherman’s farms from Senja around one hundred years ago. They made their living from the fish in the fjord, a few sheeps, cows and chickens. They were growing potatoes and other vegetables, and fed their family from their own produce. Our farm is a bit larger than the traditional fisherman’s farms, but still you will get that old fashion feel.

We would like to thank Marte ❤️ Stian for the use of photos from their wedding. Thanks also to photographer Lillian Nordbø for wonderful photos from Marte and Stian’s wedding at Senja Food Studio.

Midnight sun hiking is a
popular activity at Senja

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