Cooking classes at senja foodstudio
are inspiring, educational and fun

Cooking class with friends, family or colleagues is good for your health and cooking skills

A cooking class at Senja Food Studio starts with a glass of sparkling wine, an appetizer and a presentation of ingredients and the evening’s menu. We divide the group into four smaller groups, each of which will prepare a dish.

The dishes usually consist of several different elements that must be prepared before we go to the table. A glass of wine while we prepare the menu is always nice. When the menu is almost ready, you go to the table, we dim the lights, put on low music and prepare for a four-course menu with good wines.

What to expect in a cooking class at Senja Food Studio:
Apertizer and Champagne on arrival
New cooking skills
A joyfull evening with people you love
Lots of fun and laughter
Local produce
A four course dinner with wine
Local cookbooks for sale

Local harvest from the fjords in Senja

Most produce at Senja Food Studio are harvested and catched here. We are proud to serve you both local halibut and cod, local vegetables and potatoes, local reindeer and lamb and of course berries when they are in season.

Joyfull cooking with your colleagues or friends

The cooking classes at Senja Food Studio focus on joyfull cooking with some new skills as a bonus. No cooking skills needed to take part in our classes. Most important is having a good evening with your friends or colleagues.

Wine pairing from our cellar

All our coocking classes offer a wine selection for the cooking class menu. Our wine cellar holds wines from both Europe and other continents. We also offer fantastic ciders from Norway and local beer from Senja.

The Senja Food Studio Story

The founder of Senja Food Studio is Eirik Nilssen. Born in Senja and after 30 years in marketing, food photography and collaboration with chefs, restaurants, Bocuse d ́Or Teams and Norwegian Culinary Teams he opened Senja Food Studio for guests.

Culinary classes
in the arctic

We choose our raw materials by the season

Local seafood
Local meat
Local vegetables
Local berries

Chefs table with famous chefs

From time to time we are hosting famous chefs from Michelin restaurants, Bocuse d ́Or chefs and chefs from the Norwegian Culinary Team. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

Fresh bread for your meals in our studio

Do you bake bread at home? You know that teasing smell of newly baked bread from the oven? We are baking our breads in our wood fired baking oven every week, and you are very welcome to join us for the baking process.

This is our produce
and cooking idea

”I was born and raised in Senja, and my culinary background comes from my mother’s kitchen. My parents bought the products from farmers, whalers, fishermen and the local grocer. They also took the children berry picking all over Senja. Every autumn my father ordered pork and lamb, and prepared the cuts for salting and drying in the attic for dry storage. Most families in Senja did the same, and this is the basics for our food memories. The dishes at Senja Food Studio are based on local ingredients, my mother’s recipes and inspiration from Norwegian and international chefs.”

Eirik Nilssen
Founder of Senja Food Studio

Skrei is always served at Senja food

From late december the famous Skrei Cod are passing our shores on their way to Lofoten to spawn. Local fishermen catch thousands of tons of this delicacy every year. We serve Skrei from january
until mid April.

Try out our wood fired pizza

Our wood fired oven is used for all kind of dishes. Sour dough bread, pizza, casseroles, steaks and so on. We recommend our pizza with some local beer or our home made lemonade.

Some samples from our local produce menu







Pollock and cod


Gulløye potatoes

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Testimonials on our fb page
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