View the Aurora Borealis
from our location at
Senja Food Studio

Come here if you want to see some extremely impressing aurora!

Our location is perfect for Aurora viewing.

What to look for in Aurora viewing:
Rural places
No light pollution
No big groups – the fewer the better
The closer to you room, the better
No sound pollution
Get out from your room often
Avoid full moon
Choose an evening without clouds

A stunning drive in the winter landscape

Senja is well known for its spectacular nature. Add the Aurora Borealis to the lanscape scenery and you have memories for a lifetime.

Go for a ”faces in places” trip along the coast

Do you ever see faces in unusual places? The fairytail Island Senja has a lot of faces in strange places if you look closely. Perhaps you are lucky to get a good shot of a face and Aurora at the same time? This photo is shot from Skaland village, just 20 minutes from us

No light pollution makes good aurora viewing

The further away from light pollution, the better Aurora viewing. Our farm is far from the city lights that will make your experience better. This is also good if you want to shoot nice Aurora photos.

Your private aurora hunt

Senja Food Studio does not provide a guided Aurora tour. Actually you do not need a guide here as the farm and nearby surroundings are perfect for Aurora hunting. The best spot is located just 10 minutes walk from your room. Happy hunting!

This is what you
are looking for

Our rooms by the sea

Our 6 rooms by the sea are alle well equiped with kitchens, private bathrooms and private entries. Two of them are located in a nice cabin in the yard, and the other four are located in the Food Studio.

After a
cold Aurora
night - enjoy
a hot soup
with bread

You are welcome to use our Food Studio to do your cooking when our kitchen is closed for guests. We also provide frozen precooked soup – no cooking skills needed.

Northern meat soup
with lamb
and vegetables


600 g salt lamb meat – any cut * 3 carrots * 1 turnip * 1 onion * 1⁄2 leek * 1⁄4 head cabbage * 500 g potato * water * salt and pepper

Burn the meat in a hot pan for a few minutes until caramelized. Cover the meat with water and cook for about 1,5 hours or until tender. Cool and cut the meat into cubes.
Wash and peel vegetables and cut into cubes. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes. Cook the vegetables in the broth you got from cooking the meat. If the stock is a little salty, just season with a little water. When the vegetables are almost done, add potatoes and cook until finished. Finally, add the meat. Season with pepper and possibly a little salt if needed. Serve the soup hot with flat bread and good butter. This should bring heat to your body after a long Aurora viewing.

Aurora dancing
over Senja mountains

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Lovely and
enriching dining
atmosphere and
Testimonials on our fb page
The best food
I have ever had
- all 5 dishes
were amazingly
Testimonials on our fb page
Great place
with a panoramic
view of the
Bergs Fjord and
the midnight sun
Testimonials on our fb page
evening with
lovely food and
brilliant hospitality
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This was a
Nature, people,
food and concept.