Give yourself
a break

Give yourself a break
at Senja Food Studio

Senja Food Studio is beautifully located by the Bergs Fjord in Senja, an hour and a half from Bardufoss Airport. Short distances to great nature experiences, salt water fishing, salmon and trout fishing, hiking or a stroll on white sandy beaches.

The farm is located in the far west of Senja at the shore of the Bergs Fjord. The mountains rise from the sea and stretch high into the clouds, and gives you a spectacular hike experience you won’t forget. After the hike, you return to your holiday ”home” for some relaxing time before you prepare yourselfes for a pleasant evening and a traditional meal and drinks in our Food Studio.

What to expect at Senja Food Studio:
Food classes
Weddings and other celebrations
Pop-up restaurant
Food workshops
Aurora Borealis
Mountain hiking
Qiet retreat
Slow living

The three pillars of our food philosophy

Local ingrediences
No processed foods
Based on traditional food
Our location dictates our food concept. Local ingredients and food traditions form the basis of the food we are serving in our restaurant.

Exploring the bergs fjord in a rowing boat

The Bergs Fjord has 99 small islands. Some of them are nesting areas for various bird species, and during the nesting season in May and June we take that into account.

Daily fresh bread
for your meals in our
studio every day

Do you bake bread at home? You know that teasing smell of newly baked bread from the oven? We are baking our breads in our wood fired baking oven 3 to 4 days every week, and you are very welcome to join us for the baking process.

Give yourself
a treat at
senja food

Say ”I do” under the midnight sun

We are hosting weddings every summer. You are welcome to celebrate with family and friends in our stunning location by the Bergs Fjord.

Harvesting in the arctic

We are harvesting people. Our region is funded on hunting, fishing and farming. Hunting, fishing, picking berries and seagull eggs are all part of our heritage at Senja. Senja Food Studio try to offer our guests the best produce from the nature and the farmers in our neighborhood.

Enjoy your aurora borealis experience

From late September you will be able to see the Aurora Borealis at Senja Food Studio. Our location is perfect for spotting the Nordic Lights.

The seagull eggs

Local people have harvested seagull eggs on the small islets for centuries. The eggs have mostly been used as ingredients for cakes, waffles and also as a snack, preferably with local beer.

See the aurora borealis
from your window
at Senja Food Studio