This photo was shot
15 minutes away from your room
- rowing boat speed

Come here if you want to escape from the city for a few days

What to do in our fjord:

– Kayaking in the fjord
– Romantic rowing boat trip to the small island Færøya
– Fishing macerell
– Free diving in shallow water
– Whale watching in season
– Swimming in refreshing water
– Sun bathing on the small beaches in our islets
– Photo safari eagles, seals and whales if you are lucky
– Midnightsun watching
– Propose to your loved one ❤️
– A stroll on the beaches
– Hiking to the mountains of Husfjellet and Sukkertoppen
– A refreshing glass on the shore close to your room
– Bonfire night

Catch of the day might surprice you

Meet Cecilie. One of our friends and previous gest. She and her husband went fishing close to the Food Studio. The day turned out to be one of her best fishing stories ever, and her husband had to accept that she turned out to be the champion!

Sea eagle hunting with your camera

The white-tailed eagle is Northern Europe’s largest nesting bird and the fourth largest of the world’s eagles, all of which are part of the hawk family. We have a lot of these beautiful birds around our farm, and some of them are nesting close to us. We see them daily when they head for the sea to catch food for their chickens.

Make yourself comfortable in our boathouse

The Norwegian name for a boat house is ”naust”. We store the boats here in the winter. At summertime we offer our guests to use our ”naust” for relaxation and meditation. We do not offer accommodation here – only daytime and evening use for enjoying the fjord from a warm and old fashioned room. Enjoy 🙂

Fresh air and total silence - a fairytail on the fjord

What could be nicer than a rowing trip on calm sea. Your room is by the sea, and the Bergs Fjord is open for fairytails like this 24 hours a day during the midnight sun season. The rowing trip is a memory for life, and if you go in the evening you might see the midnight sun too.

Various bird species nest
on some of the islets from
mid may to end of June

Fishing under the midnight sun

During the midnight sun season, from mid May until late July, we spend time in small boats on the Bergs Fjord to catch mackerell. The inhabitants of Senja have traditions for fishing in the evening and then preparing the catch for a late dinner with friends and family. This is an old tradition here, and most people have fond memories of warm summer evenings with fishing rods and cooking fish on the shore.

Herring with dill potatoes

4 cured herring, 20 small potatoes, 1 tablespoon finely chopped dill, 8 tablespoons of nut butter, 4 radishes, 2 eggs

Drain the herring. Dry and cut into 2 cm wide pieces. Boil potatoes in lightly salted water.

Strain and stir in nut butter and finely chopped dill. Thinly slice the radishes and place them in ice water. Boil eggs for 7 minutes and cool. Plate as in the picture. Add half an egg and top with extra nut butter.

Killer whale safari in
January and February

The winter season from mid january to end of april is a beautiful time here in Senja. The dark season is ending and the sun is gradually returning. Also the killer whales are returning this season hunting massive shoals of herring that are heading for the west coast of Norway to spawn. Researchers have calculated that the amount of roe from spawning herring is greater than the total weight of Norway’s entire population. Believe it or not.

The adventure that unfolds in our fjords when the herring arrives is spectacular and beautiful. Some daring tourists have even taken the chance to swim with these huge animals while hunting for herring. The story goes that killer whales do not attack divers when there is plenty of herring on the menu.

Note: We cannot guarantee that there will be whales in the fjord during your stay.

Seagull eggs
tradItIonal Summer
treat for Senja people

Looking for silence? welcome!

The Bergs Fjord has 99 small and large islands. None of them are inhabited. In earlier times, local farmers used to bring sheep and goats to the islands in summer. A kind of summer camp for the livestock. Today there are no animals from farmers here, but a large number of bird species that nest around the islands. You are free to use the islands and all the fantastic sites as you wish. All we ask is that you pay attention to nesting birds and not disturb newly hatched chicks.

Take a break from your busy life

Most of us have busy lives with commitments at home, at work and in our free time. We want to give our guests a break from a stressful everyday life. Less stress, some exercise, healthy and good food will recharge you and perhaps create a change.

Autumn in Senja is bonfire time

Autumn in Senja starts in september and turns to winter around november or december. This time, the midnight sun leaves us and the Aurora Borealis takes over gradually. Roasting sausages on a stick by the fire under the Aurora is a magical experience.

Summer paradise
on your doorstep