Senja Food Studio

Welcome to Senja Food Studio – a culinary meeting place for food enthusiasts and nature buffs!

Senja Food Studio is a place for cooking classes, celebrations and dining experiences on the outer coast of Senja. We emphasise the total experience of nature and food in our cooking classes, and want our guests to join us in catching at least one of our raw goods for the evening menu. And there are enough raw goods here at the 69th parallel north.

A typical event begins upon arrival at Senja Food Studio. We run through the plans for the next two days while enjoying a small welcome supper. We retire early and set the alarm for 08:00. After a good night’s rest in comfortable beds, we have breakfast and prepare lunchboxes before heading out to the fishing areas. There we will stay until we’ve caught enough fish for one of the dishes planned for the evening. It usually doesn’t take long! With any luck, we’ll spot some sea eagles, seals and whales.

When we return from the sea we’ll have a few hours of rest before meeting up again in the evening for the cooking class. Some may enjoy a walk to the Senja Troll – one of our attractions here on Senja. Others may prefer a stroll along the beach near the facilities, perfect if you enjoy searching for shells. We have plenty of space for quiet treks where guests can reflect and relax, whether walking along the beach, setting out in a kayak, or hiking up toward Sukkertoppen (Sugarloaf mountain) – our nearest mountaintop. Most activities are just a short distance away.

Bring your colleagues to the event of the year at Senja Food Studio, on Norway’s most beautiful island!