Senja Food Studio is a teaching kitchen and restaurant for unforgettable culinary experiences. All our chefs are prestigious, award-winning professionals, and all of them find inspiration in holding cooking classes and preparing food at pop-up restaurants at the outermost point on Senja, with the ocean as their pantry.

//Food and nature
Senja Food Studio is not open as a restaurant on a daily basis. All our events are tailored to our guests, who often arrive in groups. Both private groups and company groups are welcome to attend our cooking classes, and we arrange experience packages together with our guests, which involve both nature and food.

//Restaurant and guest performances with high profile chefs
Sometimes we arrange so-called guest performances, and set up pop-up restaurants. These may last for several days, and are advertised well in advance. A common element of all these guest performances is that the head chef puts together a fixed menu with a wine package. Our kitchen is open, and no matter where you sit in the venue, you will feel as though you have a front row seat – with a full view of the kitchen activities, as well as a full view of the natural beauty seen through our glass wall towards Bergsfjord.

Important occasions should be celebrated with good food and the pleasant company of family and friends. Here at Senja Food Studio you can choose between elegant dining with white tablecloths, or a simple buffet dinner. When weather allows, we set a long table outdoors, and when it doesn’t, we make a fire in the fireplace indoors and set a long table in the food studio. The nature experience is there regardless, with a view of the ocean and mountains through our panorama windows.

//Overnight accommodations
Senja Food Studio is next door to one of Norway’s finest tourist facilities: Hamn in Senja. Here you sleep in comfortable beds on the quayside of an old fishing village, with state of the art facilities. We cooperate with Hamn in Senja with regard to overnight accommodations, nature-based activities, and fjord cruises for larger groups.

//Guided tours on Bergsfjord
Bergsfjorden in Berg municipality is perhaps one of Senja’s most photographed fjords. You’ll understand why when you’ve been here and viewed the many scenic gems for yourself. We are lucky enough to have a number of tourism operators in our local community, offering unique products based on the use of nature in various ways. One of our cooperative partners is Basecamp Senja. They offer trips around the islands of Bergsfjord and Andfjord. We offer exclusive egg-collecting trips, concluding with Mack beer and seagull eggs on one of the many islets. On this trip you are likely to see both sea eagles and seals.

//Whale Safaries and Wilderness Safaris
From November to February large schools of herring swim into the fjords on the outskirts of Senja. They are followed by humpback whales and orcas. If the sea is too rough to go out by boat, we substitute the Whale Safari with a Wilderness Safari along the country roads and coastal rock faces where we can see whales, sea eagles, reindeer and moose.